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Bopspam - Effective online spam filtering

Bopspam works along side your current email box held with your Internet Service Provider (eg: Zen, Virgin Media, Tiscali, BT Internet, BT etc.) or any other POP3 provider. Setup is easy with our online help section. There is no software to install on your machine and you can be setup within minutes.

Signup online now for an instant FREE 30 day trial. The only thing you have to lose is the SPAM!

  • Bopspam will work with any ISP using a POP3 mailbox
  • Reduce the risk of deleting important e-mail accidentally
  • Bopspam can filter over 99.5% of junk email
  • Support up to 10 POP3 mailboxes
  • No software/program installation required on your PC
  • Add your own spam filter settings
  • Save time and money by not downloading unwanted e-mails

Bopspam will work with your Blackberry or PDA

Bopspam collects and filters out spam and virus related e-mail from your email every time you connect to Bopspam. There is no need to worry about e-mail being lost as within the Bopspam Control Panel you can view messages up to 14 days old and retrieve them as necessary, add safe lists, keywords and much more.

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